We Make Great Coffee with Great Process

Our Business

  • Export coffee beans and cascara to all over the world
  • Supply coffee beans for Indonesia Roastery, Restaurant, hotel and resort.


Arabica Bali Kintamani

Fruity taste explosion, medium acidity and deep syrupy body, smooth citrus notes.

Coffee Detail

Arabica Flores Bajawa

Chocolate, Peach

Coffee Detail


CV. Singga Mas Nusantara known as Cofetree Indonesia is a coffee processing company from Indonesia. We process Arabica coffee from Flores Bajawa and Kintamani Bali coffee plantations in collaboration with 32 coffee farmers.

Our Farmers

We are collaboration with 30 farmers in Kintamani, Bali and 2 farmers in Bajawa, Flores

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Br.Abuan, Abuan, Susut, Bangli, Bali, Indonesia 80661



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